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• International Committee of World Film Festivals 

Many film festivals are held all over the world. They are all on different subjects and thema. But they all have common goals and needs. The basic needs of festivals are to find films, communicate with directors, dialogue between countries and signing a strong organization. Many countries now have difficulties in doing this. First was for the Pandemic, then for the war, cause of the economic and political problems. Strong teamwork is needed to organize strong festivals. For this, strong committees and federations need to be formed. 

All independent festivals can become members:

   - Tourism Film Festivals,

   - Short Film Festivals

   - Feature Film Festivals

   - Documentary Festivals

   - Thematic Festivals

     (Music, Sport, Eco, Health, Rural, Event, History etc...)

Independet Members:

   - Directors

   - Producers

   - Film Companies

   - Cinema representatives

   - Tourism professionals
   - Ministers of Culture and Tourism, managers

   - Actors and Actresses

   - Organizers


The purpose of the committee: to bring together thematic film festivals all over the world, to increase dialogue between countries, strengthen film sharing between festivals, to develop cooperation between festivals, (film application, director information, official guest information) to create a strong federation image and develop new projects (film production, documentary and film projects, co-productions etc..). All this is inspired by a single denominator for the protection of our world and, above all, that of the generations to come: SUSTAINABILITY, as sanctioned by the United Nations in the "Agenda 2030". 


With the international meeting held in Istanbul on 24.11.2022, the International Committee of Sustainable Thematic Film Festivals (CINETOUR) was established, open to all member countries of the United Nations, with the support of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The works were opened with the greeting of the Director of the Council of Europe, Venice office, Mrs. Pavan. The meeting was attended by 30 founding members from 19 member countries. The CINETOUR committee, which aims to bring together all film festivals, directors, artists, media-culture-art representatives and many important personalities from the world, is the first and only committee in the world in this sense.

We will be honored to see you and your country in this committee. Best Regards

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